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Francisco Santolo: The Digital Nomad Who Travels the World Teaching Entrepreneurship

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July 2019

Francisco Santolo gave up his 12-year corporate career and with it all his assets and decided to venture out into the world with the firm determination that every decision he made should be deeply connected to his purpose. This is how Scalabl was born: a company that helps others to build their own businesses and empower people's talents.


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, July 4, 2019 / PRNewswire / - Francisco Santolo, economist and MBA with studies at prestigious universities such as Harvard, Stanford, Singularity, Kellogg and MIT; recognized in 2017 by Forbes magazine as the "Startup Hacker", gave up his 12-year corporate career and all of his belongings,and decided to travel the world with the strong determination that, from that moment on, every decision he would make should have a deep connection with his purpose. With his computer and cell phone, he left behindthe known and began to travel the world’s uncertain paths that would finally lead him to make real his dream of founding a company that would help others build their own businesses.

His dream’s ultimate goal lies, as he explains, in his deep conviction that "the world to come will for sure find a more powerful individual, whose individual action will be a true change agent for the world´s transformation, and its multiplying potential depends on the power of the relationships each person getsto forge in the communities they belong. It will no longer be a hierarchical world of corporations and governments. It will be a world of moral authority and legitimate influence. And the result will depend on us. That’s why, it’s time for all of us to learn to undertake, for all of us to learn the art of making possible".

This is how Scalabl was born and after three years of life, his company is present in 13 countries around the world, has trained more than 650 entrepreneurs, has created or leveraged more than 300 start-ups and has strong expansion plans for 2020.

In the past few months, his work took him to Japan for the G20 Young Entrepreneurs' Alliance (YEA), to China as part of The Indus Entrepreneurs (TIE)’s delegation, to Hong Kong, Thailand and Dubai to carry out corporate consultancies, to Spain to launch the Academy and to speak at Barcelona Tech City sponsored by Accenture, to Buenos Aires as a G20 YEA’s speaker and, this way, flight hours around the world keep growing day by day.

From August onwards, after arriving with the Academy in the United Arab Emirates, Francisco will dedicate Scalabl's global itinerary to personally teach his Entrepreneurship and Innovation Academy in Latin America.

With its proprietary methodology to develop business models, risk-free and without initial investment need, Scalabl grows globally following its own principles and driven by its fundamental purpose: to develop people’s potential and to create a collaboration network, where all community members contribute with their talent towards each individual and the group´s success.

"We are thrilled to facenthe challenge of Scalabl's growth in Latin America. We know the impact potential we have there because we bring a different proposal that Latin American entrepreneurs, with their talent and energy, will be able to capitalize and boost. Strengthen our presence in the region and root our community ties in these countries is a very important company project, and it’s also one of my deepest desires. I am convinced that through the right methodology to generate business and the development of collaboration networks we can achieve a qualitative change in the region’sproductive matrix and a sustained economy growth", Santolo explained.

The Academy is a theoretical and practical program where you learn and exercise the methodology applying it to participants' own ideas and projects. "The objective is to create sustainable, repeatable and scalable companies that generate profits from the beginning because, from the business conception, it has been possible to validate the income model and reduce economic and financial risks. Our methodology enables to create companies without seeking capital in early stages. Our model, developed based in Customer Development theories and extensive first-class literature, makes possible to create companies in any industry achieving fast and sustained growth", explained Scalabl’s CEO.

Regarding following destinations, Santolo explained that during the upcoming months they will be offering the program in Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Brazil. After that, the agenda will take him to Europe to offer the Academy in Barcelona, Madrid and London.

Registrations are open on their website or through [email protected]. "My greatest source of learning is thedirect contact with entrepreneurs, listening to their experiences and challenges, that's why I always ask them to write to me, to come closer so we can share stories and boost ourselves", ended up telling Scalabl’s founder while shared the data to communicate directly with him.


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