Online Course
in Entrepreneurship
and Innovation

Online Course in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Create or reshape your business and
make it thrive through method and innovation

Create or reshape your business and make it thrive through method and innovation

Entrepreneurship and innovation course

We will walk you through the full extent of our methodology for business creation and innovation, providing you an in-depth explanation of its key concepts and processes, as well as clear, step-by-step instructions to apply its powerful toolkit.


30 days,self-paced


100% online, on-demand


13 modules, 120 videos


Practice and collaboration

About the teacher

About the teacher

Francisco Santolo, CEO of Scalabl, is an economist and MBA graduate who studied at prestigious universities such as Harvard, Stanford, Chicago Booth, Singularity, Kellogg and MIT. In 2017, Forbes magazine featured him as "the startup hacker". A serial entrepreneur with over ten years experience in global corporate business, he has co-founded 50+ conies and helped launch more than 500 startups through the Scalabl methodology.

Francisco Santolo

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Online Course in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

  • 30-day access to the learning platform – from any desktop or mobile device, anywhere in the world, anytime you like.
  • 120 dynamic video-lessons, exercises and reading materials
  • Downloadable guides and editable templates.
  • Networking practice and opportunities for collaboration.
  • Certificate of completion
  • ⋆ Lifetime membership to the Scalabl® Global Community*.
  • * You must complete the course and graduate to become a member.

Online Course in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

  • 30-day access to the learning platform – from any desktop or mobile device, anywhere in the world, anytime you like.
  • 120 dynamic video-lessons, exercises and reading materials
  • Downloadable guides and editable templates.
  • Networking practice and opportunities for collaboration.
  • Certificate of completion
  • ⋆ Lifetime membership to the Scalabl® Global Community*.
  • * You must complete the course and graduate to become a member.

What you'll learn

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    A critical diagnosis of the current startup ecosystem and how the disruptive impact of exponential technologies will continue to shake the landscape.

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    Techniques for mental awareness that will help you tune into an innovative entrepreneurial mindset guided by purpose and fueled by strategy.

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    The ins and outs of our proven methodology for growth and innovation, and step-by-step instructions to master its powerful toolkit, which provides answers to the following questions:

    • How to start a new business or business unit, or reshape an existing one – and make it thrive.
    • How to design and implement sustainable, scalable and repeatable business models that avoid the common pitfalls of unnecessary financial and economic risk.
    • How to develop and improve products or services by engaging your customers as co-creators.
    • How to design and run cost-effective tests to gain insights fast.
    • How to devise a smart pricing strategy and achieve a predictable and repeatable sales roadmap.

Clients who trust us


Here's what our graduates are saying

At Scalabl, you learn the correct way to start or boost a business or business unit, with insightful, simple, and useful tools valid for any type of industry. This methodology transformed my venture and helped me as an intrapreneur in my corporate career.

Thomas Mayr

Alumni Singapur
Head of Marketing, Asia en Campari Group

I'm truly impressed by Francisco Santolo's dynamism - and what can I say about the group? Only good vibes and talent! I'm happy to be part of the first Scalabl cohort in Barcelona.

Nicolás Lavalliere

Alumni Colombia
Fundador y Leader Alchemist en LOV Kombucha

Proud to be part of the first Scalabl cohort in Hong Kong. I'm grateful to our inspirational leader, Francisco, for enabling us to pursue our dreams, helping the entrepreneur in each one of us scale! You've created a fantastic human adventure by bringing us together within the Scalabl network, and by providing us with a breakthrough business methodology.

Hend Ben Brahim

Alumni Hong Kong
Coach Certificada y Facilitadora

Scalabl's methodology is unique - not only does it provide a framework for startups to reach scalable business models with high profitability and low risk, but it also empowers senior professionals to lead innovation. By 'getting out of the building' and learning how to understand your customers, you will not just survive in the market, but thrive. We need to embrace the constant reinvention of our companies.

Alan Jonathan Sandoval

Alumni Mexico
Co-Fundador y CEO de JB

Scalabl is an outstanding startup incubator and academy with top-notch mentors to support entrepreneurs and ideas. Their methodology is unique and the global community of graduates is extremely powerful.

Partha Roy Chowdhury

Alumni India
Commercial Lead India en Lockheed Martin

I recommend it to anyone who is thinking of starting a business and to those who have already started it. Given the situation caused by the coronavirus, and thanks to the adaptive power of the Scalabl® team, the course can now be taken online, and the content is excellent.

Jorge Araujo Muller

Alumni España
Emprendedor tecnológico en Barcelona y cofundador de Psquared

Scalabl's approach to business challenges the status quo in a unique way, with extremely valuable academic content (Harvard, MIT and Stanford, among other sources), combined with the analysis of real-world cases. It offered me useful tools to rethink many aspects of my business, and opened the doors to an impressive global community of entrepreneurs.

Demian Pack

Alumni Estados Unidos
Abogado internacional especializado en la gestión de asuntos jurídicos y empresariales

Apart from the course’s valuable content, the community spirit of helping others has, in turn, helped me. Content and community, combined with action, have allowed me to become a better businessman, and a better person. Give this course a go and discover what you are capable of.

Nelson Mcmillan

Alumni Reino Unido
Fundador de Arts For Essential Workers | Miembro de la junta directiva y director financiero de LookUp.Live

I am privileged to begin my entrepreneurship journey with this course, and to become a member of the Scalabl Global Community. The environment is very interactive. Each course module is packed with interesting knowledge that has fostered my entrepreneurial growth. I'm looking forward to sharing my business ideas with the world.

Onyinye Udegbunam

Alumni Nigeria
Gerente de Experiencia Digital en First Founders

I'm a 'methodical' person, and Scalabl has helped me immensely to develop the relational and emotional aspects of my business.

Alejandra Beatriz Saccone

Alumni Argentina
Socia fundadora y directora en QUALIDEAS

Dear Francisco, what an amazing journey! Excellent course! As a graduate, I look forward to supporting talented entrepreneurs through investing and becoming a shareholder in their promising companies.

Felipe Piton

Alumni Suiza
Asesor de Inversiones en UBS

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The course is taught in English – video-lessons have optional English CC.
  • Because some of the videos are compiled from footage taken during in-person editions of our training programs all over the world, you there may be videos or segments with audio in Spanish or Portugueses – English subtitles are always available.
  • Discussions and networking activities are conducted on-platform in English.
  • People from all over the world whose first language is not English have graduated from our training programs and become part of our global network, where interaction happens in different languages among individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures.
  • If your first language is Spanish, you can also choose to enroll in the next session of the course to be taught “en español”. You can find more information about it here.
  • New sessions for our online course in Portuguese will open for enrollment from March 2022.

The course is 100% online, self-paced and on-demand, and consists of 13 units comprising 120 dynamic video lessons, exercises, and additional reading materials. Downloadable guides and templates are also included. Interaction with other participants and members of our team happens in on-platform discussion boards

Access to the learning platform is granted for 30 days, during which you can complete the program at your own pace. You can access the platform 24/7 anywhere in the world and from any desktop or mobile device.

You watch the videos, tackle the activities, apply the provided tools and templates, discuss both theory and results from its real-world application, ask questions and offer feedback through your cohort’s exclusive communication channels.

Scalabl promotes a culture of networking and collaboration, and you will find instances to practice these skills from day one. We encourage participants to engage in constructive discussions about the course content and its real-world application, and foster the values of diversity and giving first.

The syllabus is divided into twelve modules, each of which is subdivided into several lessons focusing on the different concepts, aspects and tools of our methodology. You will need to allocate 3-4 hours per week to watch the video content, read through some of the recommended literature and complete the activities. We suggest you put some extra time towards networking, scheduling calls with other participants, building genuine relationships, having fun.

When you finish the last lecture you will be automatically issued with a digital certificate of completion. You can also add an official badge to your LinkedIn profile, if you so wish.

After graduating from the course, you will receive an invitation to join Scalabl® Global Community, a horizontal an collaborative network of 2.000+ graduates from 50+ countries – founders, owners, and talented business professionals in almost every industry.

  • Membership entails no extra fees and grants you access to the community’s exclusive communication channels and platform.
  • Members enjoy several additional benefits, including early enrollment in training programs taught or hosted by Scalabl, invitations to online and in-person networking events, special offers on books from the Scalabl Books Collection and rewards earned through our referral program.

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Online Course in Entrepreneurship and Innovation


Online Course in Entrepreneurship and Innovation


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