You don't need an idea to start a business

You Will Question Everything and Get It Right Once and for All

Mujeres & Cia
October 2019

On the occasion of his arrival in Madrid with the Scalabl Entrepreneurship and Innovation Course, Francisco Santolo was interviewed by Mercedes Wullich, journalist and businesswoman who founded Mujeres&Cía and the Top 100 Women Leaders in Spain. Mercedes also participated in the program and is now a member of our global community.

In a unique opportunity, Francisco Santolo, serial entrepreneur recognized by Forbes as "the hacker of startups", lands in Madrid to revolutionize the vision of business.

Today, Madrid will be the scenario in which Scalabl Academy, leader in business training, will share its methodology: to generate business models without risk or initial investment.

After giving his program in Hong Kong, Dubai, Bangalore, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Santiago de Chile and Barcelona, Francisco chooses Madrid. What is the reason? "For the first time, I bring the Scalabl Entrepreneurship and Innovation Academy to "shake up" the minds of businessmen, entrepreneurs, and professionals who want to learn a new way of doing business".

The Scalabl Methodology

Santolo has been gaining success all over the world, based on an Entrepreneurship and Innovation Course, using a solid methodology in the development of business models without relevant risks or initial investment. The good thing is that it can be applied to the design of a new company or business unit or the reformulation of an existing company.

An economist and MBA, trained at Harvard, MIT, Kellogg, Stanford, Chicago Booth, and Singularity University, he knows that the big question is: Do you want to take a leap forward by questioning everything you know? Do you have a company, are you a professional or do you want to leave your job and make something happen that today is only in your mind? Do you want to get it right once and for all? Then says Francisco Santolo with a smile forged from the experience of more than a thousand entrepreneurs, the answer is me.

Who is the program meant for?

  • For entrepreneurs with or without ideas because they learn practical and quickly actionable tools to create a business without the need for an initial investment.
  • For those who want to get started while continuing with their current study or work responsibilities.
  • For entrepreneurs or SMEs at any stage of development, growth or deadlock, because they gain tools to analyze their business models with new criteria that allow them to understand how to scale up or how to reformulate business units with low performance.
  • For professionals or corporate teams because they develop skills that allow them to bring innovation and efficiency in processes to large corporations and, through our methodology, avoid the disruption generated in the market by the growth of startups that have captured large volumes of markets by more effectively satisfying the customer with a more profitable model for the company.

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