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Francisco Santolo in Modo Beta: The Importance of Learning for the Entrepreneur

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Modo Beta is a program of Innovation, Technology, Entrepreneurship and Creativity. Demian Sterman and Hernan Schuster interview Francisco Santolo, founder and CEO of Scalabl. 

Francisco began his entrepreneurship at age 13, when he created Hocus Pocus, a chat platform that became very large. After his corporate move to Natura from a young professional to managing marketing at a Latin American level, where he learned about training people and provided him with many tools and key learning, he returned to his first love: being an entrepreneur from Scalabl. 

Getting out of the comfort zone, learning, looking for diversity, going for the purpose and achieving what you set out to do were recurrent themes in this interesting interview. Francisco tells us about the importance of a horizontal network like the one created in Scalabl, where since 2016 a strong community has been consolidated where help and support to others are basic principles. The methodology of Scalabl calls attention because it has no investment, no risk and changes the traditional paradigms of the entrepreneur. 

We share with you a great phrase from the interview: "To be an entrepreneur in the future, the path you choose is always good as long as you learn from it"