You don't need an idea to start a business

Francisco Santolo in Liquid Times: A Different Way of Learning to Be An Entrepreneur

Radio Interview

At Liquid Times, Santiago Do Rego and Valeria Weise interviewed Francisco Santolo, founder and CEO of Scalabl. 

Francisco talks about what differentiates Scalabl from other startup developments: the lack of investment. This surprises the interviewers because it clearly departs from what has been said for years. From the Scalabl Training Program, in which people can participate whether or not they have companies in operation, you learn a virtuous methodology that allows you to know where you are in the process, reformulate the business model and manage to create a company that works or accelerate the existing company and generate opportunities to scale.

Another of Scalabl's core beliefs is the diversity of entrepreneurs. The only thing necessary to entrepreneurship are values: to be an honest person, who gives first, to try that they are not transactional people but have the ability to give to generate quality networks and bet on training and that entrepreneurship can be learned. 

Scalabl's methodology allows companies to be created very quickly, with very low risks, high potential sales volumes and interesting sales margins. The spirit of collaboration over the competition is key during this process, since taking care of entrepreneurs is Scalabl's motive.