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Three Insights I have Gained in becoming Scalabl's Global Managing Director

by María Paula Russo

Stay uncomfortable.
Surround yourself with outstanding people.
Nurture the seed of goodness.

Three Insights I have Gained in becoming Scalabl's Global Managing Director

Every working day at Scalabl is challenging, and I have never reached my comfort zone. Whenever I start to handle situations comfortably, Francisco Santolo unexpectedly raises the bar, changes the game, and makes me perform in the next division. So when he offered me to become Scalabl's Global Managing Director, it took me by surprise, but I intuitively answered: "of course, if you believe that is what the company needs".

It is an honor to lead Scalabl, and I know the level of responsibility and how impactful this role can be. I am now entering the field of the most exciting and demanding match I would have ever dreamed of playing. Luckily, I'm not alone, because as you know, business is a team game.

Surrounding myself with people better than me

I have the honor and privilege to be part of a high-performance team, a group of amazing professionals and human beings. They are always there for me, supporting me and making things happen. They drive me to become a better person and professional for them, learning from them daily. Let me highlight my favorites: Nuria Plez teaches me the power of determination. Federico Valcarce, the value of conciliation. María Santolo, the beauty that surrounds every word. Nicolás Battaglia, that there aren't problems without a solution. Natalia Insaurralde, the expansive force of a positive attitude. Sofía Castro Videla, the passion for research and knowledge. Juan Cruz Sánchez Delaico, living life as a chess game, choosing your position, knowing what will happen six moves ahead. Gonzalo Fernandez, the importance of measuring for improvement. Belén Gajate, the power that comes from kindness. Cecilia Moules, the courage to accept and embrace other's desires and fears. Mateo Lafosse, the love for perfection and detail. María de las Mercedes Pichel, the continuous search for high performance. María José Alvarado, the charm of self-confidence and proactiveness. Monserrat Ferraté, the courage to make difficult decisions, and Francisco Sant, who insists against my upbringing, that those days in which I fail the most, are the more valuable ones, because I can gain fresh new insights and high-quality information on which to act on.

Nurturing vulnerable seeds of goodness

I trust our methodology, products, and services, company culture, vision, and I love our community. I breathe Scalabl and live at its rhythm. I'm proud of our accomplishments, and I can see its limitless future. I sincerely believe that in human nature, there is a seed of goodness within people. Occasionally we need someone else to discover it, to encourage us to embrace our gift. Then it is fundamental to develop the confidence to put this fragile goodness in the hands of the hostile world, bearing what others will say while remaining brave and antifragile. In the end, self-knowledge, self-confidence, humility, and continuous learning, empower us to give the world the fruit of that seed, even in front of the hardest difficulties.

I believe Scalabl, for its conception of human essence and collaborative, non-transactional -kind of magical- functioning, works as a loving gardener of this seed of goodness for more and more people around the globe.

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