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Francisco Santolo on Radio Indigo: Scalabl Methodology Arrives in India

Radio Interview

Francisco Santolo, founder and CEO of Scalabl, is interviewed by Nildri Bose on Radio Indigo 91.9 FM in Bangalore, on the occasion of the launch of Scalabl in India. 

He introduces Scalabl as a community of well-meaning people from all over the world, who come together to learn and put into practice what they have learned by creating startups and companies, achieving their goals. 

Francisco gives his opinion about the ecosystem of Startups in India, based on what he experienced and researched, and relates this to the non-investment methodology he created and taught in the Scalabl Entrepreneurship and Innovation Course that is taught around the world. 

Among other things, Francisco emphasizes the importance of giving value to the other, keeping the team together, not falling in love with the product, and focusing on the opinions of the client and not family, friends, or acquaintances. In addition, he stresses the value of talking to people, as it is very important to understand them and their pains, needs, and through humility, to co-create the product they need.  

Francisco offers powerful advice for entrepreneurs, among which we highlight: Change the word "fail" to "learn" and don't quit your job to be an entrepreneur, use your Netflix time to learn and create your venture.