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Forever Grateful to Clayton M. Christensen

by Francisco Santolo

I am filled with admiration for you – Clayton M. Christensen, who have fundamentally transformed my way of thinking about business and whom I had the precious opportunity to encounter along my path towards becoming an entrepreneur.

Forever Grateful to Clayton M. Christensen

For the ingenuity, wisdom and kindness that you have shown as a leader and for your unwavering commitment to the values of integrity and humanity, I am profoundly grateful. You have influenced my life and my career in an imponderable way. 

Today, as I was teaching the last class of our Entrepreneurship and Innovation program in Brazil, having reviewed with my students many of your lessons, I announced that all further Scalabl sessions to be held during 2020 were to be taught in your honor and your memory. 

"Almost always great new ideas don't emerge from within a single person or function, but at the intersection of functions or people that have never met before"  

Clayton M. Christensen 

I decided to highlight this quote from him, which explains the profound power of caring for others, authentic networking, listening and collaborating. His teachings emphasized learning humbly from every human being, embracing their diversity and unique traits to expand your own understanding.

I had the privilege of meeting him during our Harvard Business School Reunion, we shared a wonderful moment which I still remember to this day.

I'd like to share with you the following picture, illustrating this very special moment of my life when I got to meet him. I will always remember the feeling of standing near him, my admired author and professor.

I'm absolutely grateful for his extensive contributions to the business world and I'm committed to continuing studying and sharing his deeply influential and transformative academic literature and research, celebrating his life and legacy all around the world.

Forever Grateful to Clayton M. Christensen

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