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What Would You Do If You Had No Fear?

by Francisco Santolo

Is fear stopping you from pursuing your purpose and following your dreams?

What Would You Do If You Had No Fear?

I recommend the following:

Connect with your fear. Picture the worst thing that could happen, imagine everything with details. Write it down in a piece of paper, take it always with you, I want you to be able to explore it from time to time from different situations. You will see how your perspective will change.

You do not need to share it, nor expose it to others, though, you will see, expressing your own vulnerability as a protagonist, not a victim, is a powerful practice that opens many doors.

As a mentor to entrepreneurs and people who decide to work for their dreams, I can see once and again that the gap that separates failure -giving up- from success -reaching your purpose- always depends on self-knowledge and the ability to face your fears.

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