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Why did I Become a Digital Nomad and a Global Facilitator?

by Francisco Santolo

I used to see things differently as a child and I was deeply misunderstood as a teenager, but somehow I remained consistent with myself, exploring and experimenting with my thoughts and views, even while feeling excluded.

Why did I Become a Digital Nomad and a Global Facilitator?

I was able to fully empathize with others, even without understanding them completely.  I grew up very aware and alert of the suffering that my friends and family were feeling. Somehow, I could feel what they felt.

I could see inside those broken hearts and get deeply touched by their potential and their uniqueness, while visualizing other possible scenarios for them.

When this situation repeated itself with more and more people, I became desperate trying to help, advising, or protecting them, while feeling responsible for the whole world. Of course, by then I was only a child so I had very limited capabilities, and my failed attempts to solve the entire world and everyone in it resulted in me feeling increasingly frustrated.

As a teenager, I made a promise to myself to embrace my vocation and I started to connect people with their potential, helping them with their own acceptance, their development, believing I could improve things in that way. After so much suffering and ineffective results, one thing was clear:

I knew that it would be necessary to empower my voice into the accepted status quo, in order to be listened to and to be influential enough to make an impact.

Many years of global corporate and entrepreneurial life taught me important things about organizations, hierarchy, incentives, politics, processes, leadership, teams, and making things happen. I grew, I matured, and gained a better perspective on people and the functioning of the current world.

What was driving people's inexplicable, hurtful, negligent behavior once and again was fear. Because fear, love, and desire, within our vulnerability, can ignite the worst or the best in us.

Moreover, the coming world will prepare the average individual and arm them with powers far beyond our imagination.  And especially, it will require from us much more than respect, but to fall in love with others' diversity and vulnerability, learning to listen and communicate, becoming empathic, in order to generate conditions for an incredible future and improve from our past mistakes.

Technology and tools that only belonged to governments and corporations are getting democratized quickly.  The future will demand more and more sensible and humble leaders that influential within our collaborative, learning communities, to drive transformations while taking care of others.

For that to be able to happen, we need more people believing in themselves, discovering and exploiting their untapped talent and power, to have enough confidence to start their journeys using their gifts to create a positive impact within our communities. I believe education, self-discovery, learning within diverse communities, entrepreneurship, and having access to the world are key to establish those possibilities.

I'm starting my third year as a digital nomad and full-time Global Facilitator, adopting the world as my home, way beyond nationalities, religions, languages, cultures, ideologies, choosing humans above all, working and influencing more leaders for this to happen.

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