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Francisco Santolo on Future Hacker | Interactive session with Beatrys Rodrigues and Itai Talmi

Founder y CEO

Francisco Santolo participated in an interactive session with Beatrys Rodrigues and Itai Talmi on Future Hacker's Quantum Thinking Event.

To kick off the session, they talked about difficulties we may face when working towards disruption and change. Francisco pointed out the importance of overcoming our fears: "[It is] what I perceive continuously when I face the challenge of helping people all over the world, even big executives or very successful entrepreneurs".

"We human beings are totally diverse and this will bring this quantum anarchy in a way, because everyone will be more powerful and everyone will take decisions", he said. "Everyone is influencing the world and every action is more and more important".

He also pointed out that "in this world, where everyone is more powerful, what I see as a common thread within that diversity is a lot of fear and similarities between human beings". Francisco added that the key is to unlearn and learn everything again to face these challenges.

At the event, they also talked about the true meaning of innovation and the power of networking and continuous learning in business.

Watch the full event here: