You don't need an idea to start a business

Fernando Brys: "I Want to Transform My Province and I Need Your Help"


Fernando Brys is a mead maker, TED speaker, international speaker, member of We are Changers, Scalabl Alumni and, above all, he is a great entrepreneur. The project was born in his farm in the province of Misiones, Argentina. 


Its purpose is to keep the Misiones mountain and jungle intact and to generate wealth through a sustainable venture. Today he is one of the most renowned beekeepers in the country, a member and administrator of different international beekeeping forums and an international honey jury.
Fernando did the Academy this year, he is already a member of our community and knows that everything is possible if we hold on to our purpose, the power of determination, perseverance and networking. 


Thank you very much Fer for choosing to be part of Scalabl and for the honor of having you on our stage, giving us an incredible talk at our networking event!