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Scalabl Arrives in Hong Kong

InvestHK Quarterly Newsletter
July 2018

Supported by InvestHK, the department of the Hong Kong SAR Government responsible for Foreign Direct Investment, Scalabl started its first Startup Academy Program in Hong Kong sponsored by De’Longhi Kenwood Group in May 2018.

Scalabl defines itself as a People Capital, as its focus is to transform the world and develop one entrepreneur at a time, holding a different view of the startup ecosystem by prioritising knowledge, methodology application and community with networking over seed investment. Scalabl works with global top-notch professionals, intrapreneurs and prospective or experienced entrepreneurs to build great companies by creating Scalabl(e), repeatable, profitable and sustainable business models.


The company combines consultancy with its Startup Academy Programme and Incubation or Acceleration Programme. Founded in Argentina, Scalabl has helped to create over 100 companies. Apart from its current operations in Argentina and Mexico, Scalabl is expanding this year to Hong Kong, India, Emirates, Chile, UK, and Singapore. It started its first Startup Academy Programme in Hong Kong sponsored by De´Longhi Kenwood Group in May. 


Scalabl believes in collaboration over competition and looks forward to working together to impact the startup environment in Hong Kong in a positive way.

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