You don't need an idea to start a business

Marieke de Groot: The course will make you change your mind and come up with new ideas

Alumni Feedback

SCALABL® in the words of Marieke de Groot 


Marieke is Senior Coordinator of New Business and Innovation at ASICS EMEA. For her, aside from the business side, Scalabl gave her back what she really wants to do in life. That's what she liked most about taking the program, as well as the community built around it. 


One of the things that stands out is that it's not just "I want to make money," but to start thinking about "what I really like to do," and if "there's another way to build a business, a company," for Marieke, taking the program will always pay off.


Thank you very much, Marieke, for your words and for joining Scalabl!