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Why You Are Accumulating LinkedIn Contacts?

by Francisco Santolo

Many people showing off +30K followers or comments like these on their Linkedin profiles do not really understand the fundamental power of networking.

Why You Are Accumulating LinkedIn Contacts?

Networking is not accumulating contacts nor personal cards, nor being seen as an influencer. It is about leveraging your dream, your purpose and vision or others', to the power of your network.

It is about building and nurturing real relationships, understanding others' needs, giving first, connecting people. Linkedin 2nd and 3rd connections have a reason to be there. Introductions too.

Of course, it is about being open to diversity and generating new relationships on a daily basis, keeping in touch, starting and joining communities, but actually collaborating in them. In the end, it is always about one on one relationships and adding real value.

A networking expert is Brian Uzzi of Kellogg School of Management, one of my most admired teachers and authors. An article you must read from HBR (Harvard Business Review) is:

Networking changed my life, it is linked to being generous, giving first, and abandoning the transactional spirit. Many do not grasp it, even the ones who believe are Networking experts, with +30k connections.

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