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Scalabl's Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program Arrives in Chile

Emprende Magazine
October 2018

Scalabl is opening its borders at an international level and, within this framework, Francisco Santolo traveled to Chile in 2018 to launch the first edition of the Program in Santiago. ¨Emprende¨ magazine shared with its readers our history and the principles on which our methodology is based.


The renowned Academy for Entrepreneurs already present in 10 countries around the world will begin offering its Executive Training program in Santiago, Chile. The first course will be taught in February by its founder and CEO, Francisco Santolo, serial entrepreneur, economist and MBA with studies at prestigious universities such as Harvard, MIT, Kellogg, Stanford and Singularity and recognized in 2017 by Forbes magazine as “the Startup Hacker".

In the past two years, Scalabl trained more than 500 entrepreneurs, created or promoted more than 250 startups in different parts of the world with its own methodology to develop virtuous business models, without risk or initial investment needs.

Scalabl grows globally following its own principles and driven by its fundamental purpose: to invest in people´s development and in the creation of a collaborative network, where all members of the community contribute with their talents for each individual and the group success. This is why the first People Capital & Company Builder arrives in Chile.

“Chile is a country for which I have a great admiration. It is one of the leaders in innovation and entrepreneurship in Latin America”, said Scalabl CEO Francisco Santolo. “Therefore, having a presence in Chile is a fundamental milestone for us. We know the growth potential we have here because we bring a different and disruptive proposal that Chilean entrepreneurs, with their talent and impetus, will be able to capitalize and empower”. The Academy is a 5 meetings theoretical and practical program, with my personalized consultancy for each participant, where the methodology is applied on their own ideas and projects, "added Santolo.

"The objective is to create sustainable, repeatable and scalable companies that generate profits from the beginning because, from the conception of the business, the income model has been validated and economic and financial risks have been reduced. Our methodology allowed us to create more than 200 companies in this way without seeking capital or investment in early stages Our model, created based on Customer Development theories and extensive top-notch world literature generates the possibility of creating companies in any industry and achieve fast and sustained growth" said Francisco Santolo, who traveled to Chile these days to personally take charge of the academy launch in the country.

In relation to global expansion following destinations, the CEO of Scalabl explained that "in the coming months we will be offering the program in Hong Kong, Singapur, Barcelona y Lisboa. Later, in February, we will be in Santiago, Buenos Aires and then in Asunción and San Pablo. And later on, it will be offered in Dubai, Delhi, Bangalore, Paris, London, and Berlin.

"My greatest source of learning is direct contact with entrepreneurs, listening to their experiences and challenges, that's why I always ask them to write, and to connect with me through social networks so we can share our experiences and boost each other" Scalabl founder finally said.


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