You don't need an idea to start a business

Future, Technology and Communities: Don't Fall Into the Silent Majority by Francisco Santolo


The rising tide of horizontal networks and of empowered collaborative communities. People, entrepreneurs and small businesses coordinated via crowdsourcing initiatives. Well-established companies undergoing major disruption through the revolution of business models and theory. Governments that are losing their grip on their citizens. Increasingly and rapidly democratizing exponential technologies. Free-online access to vast repertoires of knowledge and uncountable quality learning opportunities. Transport and communication services safer and faster as ever before.

A new world is coming where the enhancement of the individual through learning, technology, collaboration and sharing economy will give each us a hitherto unsuspected amount of power.

Think of the implications:
Nothing is impossible. When pursuing your dreams and defining your purpose fly high – don't let your limitations hold you back.
The future of the world is one of radical uncertainty and unprecedented chaos, unleashed by the collision of multiple forces. And yet, the possibility to make a positive impact will be in our power more than ever before.
In order to realize our potential, we need to improve on our communication skills, our ability to coordinate our efforts in the face of emergency and to produce intelligent responses to any contingency.
It is incumbent upon us to avoid falling into the silent majority – that allows and forgives injustice, abuse and pain – and to pull together, uniting our individual powers for the purpose of doing good and to bequeath the best possible world to future generations.