You don't need an idea to start a business

The End of Long-Term Planning

by Francisco Santolo

Novel Entrepreneurship and Innovation methodologies from the Tech and Startup world are leaping into Corporations, but they are still broadly misunderstood in both domains.

The End of Long-Term Planning

1. Repeated trial and error outperforms long term planning.

2. Trial and error is not productive without measuring and learning on each attempt.

3. Trial can result in success -usually involves a gain- or error -which we call failure, it usually involves a loss-

4. Learning by failing is better than failing and not learning, or even not trying.

5. You can avoid learning by failing by reading, studying and applying the best entrepreneurship literature, interacting actively with peers and reflecting on failures with methodology or frameworks.

6. Failing does not exist in well-understood modern startup literature, cause you can reduce the implied loss of failure to 0 in each attempt.

7. Agile methodologies are not about going fast, they are about learning fast and with reduced risk -involved potential loss of trial tending to 0-.

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