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Individuals Hold More Power than Ever Before to Transform the World

by Francisco Santolo
April 2018

I was surprised to find that my new public profile quickly reached 15,000 followers, then 25,000, then 50,000, and it kept growing rapidly. When I intended to express my gratitude I found myself thinking about the following:

"What an honor, and great responsibility!

The world we live in, with all its disparities, inequalities, and terrible things we as human beings continue to allow, is changing. We are experiencing a growing trend in which every individual holds more power than ever before to accomplish, to transform, and to influence. We haven't yet grasped this idea completely, but we will soon be immersed in it. This individual form of self-expression evokes inspiration and innovation, reinforcing the important belief that dreams come true (and they certainly can!) and encouraging the creation of communities to fight for a common purpose. When people join forces to form these communities, they amplify their voices and grow their collective power and strength. The communities they create have without any doubt a powerful and transformative impact on our society!

Let's look at this particular case. When people from all over the world choose to follow me, read my articles, watch my videos, share or enrich my thoughts by interacting, I feel immensely grateful, and as an individual, I reinforce my desire and responsibility to continue sharing my experiences, knowledge, and tools that I believe can help others and transform their reality, as they did with me. These types of interactions within individuals empower actions and boost the generation of new communities, which in return multiplies the impact.

Your impact is greater than you think, and it'll be even greater very soon. It doesn't matter who you are, where you are, what you feel about your accomplishments right now, or if your dreams feel so far away at the moment. Look forward, just try to be better every day, take care of your relationships, discover new people, help others, listen, learn something new every day, develop new skills, follow your purpose, and fight your fears!

Technology will soon give us more possibilities than we've ever imagined before. The world will be completely unrecognizable 5 years from now (an exponential transformation) and what we'll become (be mindful that we're all Homo Sapiens, the most destructive species that ever existed on earth), depends entirely on our present values and daily actions. We can decide to take care of each other, embracing diversity, building together and collaborating actively, or we can continue our path alone, only caring about ourselves even at the expense of others, competing, and limiting our interactions to homogeneous groups of people.

These individual decisions that we need to be making will drive communities and ideals, and every decision will be more impactful and significant than ever before".

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