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Scalabl Networking Event


Scalabl 2018's last networking event!

Graduates of our Entrepreneurship and Innovation Academy gathered to celebrate the end of the year and toast to 2019.

At Scalabl we believe in the power of networking and the following principles:

- Don't keep your dream to yourself. Don't be shy about asking for help. Be transparent. Share your goals. Your network is willing to help you.

- Start by giving. Offer without expecting anything in return. Offer your help to as many people as you can. One way or another, something good will come from this.

- Talk to people, go to dinners, invite them for coffee! Share your activities. Ask about their goals, share yours, think together about how to help each other. If you think they don't have time, find it.

- Build your network, meet new people! Start by helping. Be transparent about what you want to do.

Thank you all very much for attending the event!