Marcelo Baldez: Scalabl Is a Sensational Exchange of Knowledge | Brazil

Alumni Feedback

SCALABL® in the words of Marcelo Pereira Baldez


Marcelo is an engineer, with specializations in business and finance from Kellogg University and Fundação Getulio Vargas. Currently, he serves as Managing Director at MDE Group, a global company that specializes in the search and selection of specialized human resources to offer its clients the candidates that best meet the leadership requirements of each project, the organization and the corporate culture. 


Marcelo describes Francisco's classes as a "sensational exchange". This exchange of knowledge takes place between Francisco and the participants, but also, because of the dynamics he imprints on the classes, the exchange is multidirectional and knowledge is elaborated jointly among all the students. 


Thank you very much, Marcelo, for your words and for joining Scalabl!