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Francisco Calvello: SCALABL® Is the Future | Testimonial of an Entrepreneur in the World of Sport

Alumni Feedback

SCALABL® in the words of Francisco Calvello 


Francisco is a journalist with an MBA in Sports Management from the Escuela Universitaria Real Madrid Universidad Europea. 
With a great trajectory as a journalist specialized in international football, he decided to undertake and founded in 2010 Astorini Media, a Spanish-Argentinean company dedicated to the development of communication ideas and journalism with added value. With Astorini Media, in other projects, he developed onboard entertainment content for Air Europa, one of the biggest European airlines. 


Currently, Francisco leads two other companies he created, Ground 12 and Football and Travel.
Ground 12 is a global sports agency that connects clients and investors around the world with the power of action and business that sport has to offer.

Football and Travel connects clubs and fans through unique experiences. It offers programs that combine a passion for soccer and tourism.


He also states that, in Francisco Santolo's classes, he found a way to absorb business knowledge in a non-traditional way and was able to confirm that the more flexible the ventures, the better prepared one is for a future of constant change.


Thank you very much, Francisco, for your words and for joining Scalabl!