The invasion of the Unicorns

by Francisco Santolo
30 April 2019

It may be a dream. But I am bombarded with daily news of Unicorns and Unicorns everywhere! Companies that get to 1 billion dollar valuation seem to be multiplying big time, even in LATAM. But on a monthly basis?

Come on! Let us stop this nonsense. When raising 100 M for 10% equity or 50M for 5% they are already declared part of the club. Companies investing those amounts on these startups -sometimes in quite early rounds- are usually huge VCs as Softbank or trillion valuation multinational companies such as Microsoft.

100M is negligible for them, and VC owners are thirsty for cashing in quickly new "administration fees" in massive financing rounds before Uber, or other IPO "smoke monster" goes underwater, just like Theranos did. To get an appreciation to check the movie Fire Festival. Of course, both entrepreneurs are the only villains at the end of the stories.

Do we really need to have another financial crisis to reflect that those valuations are not realistic? That even basic business models do not make sense? That no multiple or discounted cash flow, even with astronomical growth will ever make them reach those valuations?

Come on VCs! Is it really worth it in your privileged positions to destroy real value and lives just to fill your pockets?

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